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21st-Dec-2035 06:26 pm - The Pokemon Entry~
FC // 3181 2207 0862

Tyrogue and Aerodactyl

Nothing in particular for the moment

FC // 0518 2942 0809

DW Vulpix and Scyther

Other "Can Offer"
IV-bred Ice Beam, Dive, Surf Oshawott
IV-bred Flamethrower, Strength, Nitro Charge Tepig
IV-bred Snivy
IV-bred Zorua
IV-bred Monozu
IV-bred Washibon
Japanese Ditto
DW Pokemons in the list below
...You name it, and I will tell you if I can offer it or not...

My DW Girls List
Ponyta, Surskit, Vulpix, Tangela, Tropius, Chatot, Aerodactyl, Farfetch'd, Rattata, Exeggucute, Oddish, Pidgey, Tentacool, Hoppip, Castform, Poliwag, Wailmer, Remoraid, Miltank, Anorith, Yanma, Horsea, Mareep, Swablu, Shellos, Shinx, Lapras, Dratini, Growlithe, Pachirisu, Skarmory

Help with Pokeshift
Pokemon with at least 3 perfect IVs
5th Gen Shiny
DW Female Pokemon
...And any other offer that I see as worth it...
 Time available: Evening GMT+7
All Pokemons in giveaway and trades are legit and bred by me.

The Pokemon, both from SS and White, are all Japanese pokemons.
All pokemons can be nicknamed in English, providing that the name is 5 characters or less.

For BW, you may ask for reservation even while waiting for the game to be released.
Any question, please comment here or in the respective trade/giveaway entry.
maskie, judas

Since it hits so hard as always...XD
maskie, judas
28th-Feb-2011 09:07 am - BW Breeding Projects
Trainer Stevage - Tepig, Squirtle, Oshawott

maeveth - Joltik, Axew, and Karrablast
korth - Tynamo, Tirtouga, Aachen
fumouffu - Adamant Tepig, Adamant Moxie Sandile, Modest Female Frillish with Curse Body, Adamant/Neutral Deino
da_da16 - Earthquake and Psychic Golett, Flash Cannon and Thunderbolt Klink, Dark Pulse Modest Deino
pigmask - Yamask (NN: ANIMA) with perfect SpA and SpD

(EGG) denouement00 - Axew, Litwick, Frillish, Tynamo
(EGG) sanestlunatic - Solosis, Joltik

Kuro's Kirikizan - Rufflet, Pawniard, Male Axew
Timmetje5225 - Zorua
Cyberstamina - Deino
Darkpoke - Gothita
crobing - Female Zoroark
oiabm - Rufflet
Henshin, Haku. - Gothita, Joltik, Rufflet
Poke_Mania97 - Snivy
Charazemma - Emolga
vinylprinsesa - Snivy
sphenisciforme - Snivy
sukuhov - Snivy, Rufflet
miya_c - Snivy
shadoweon - Snivy
fate - Rufflet
da_da16 - Fly Rufflet, Ice Beam Oshawott, Tepig

(EGG) shadowravenx - Rufflet
(EGG) Mr.Munchlax - Rufflet
(EGG) Lbsweet96 - Zorua
(EGG) eternal_rena - Modest Petilil (Own Tempo with perfect for Spd and SpA)
(EGG) SasakiThePikachu - Male Mild Deino with EM: Dark Pulse, Rash Larvesta, female Adamant Regenerate Meinfoo
(EGG) sanestlunatic - Zorua, Rufflet
(EGG) denouement00 - Rufflet

Cyberstamina - Axew, Deino, Druddigon
labyrinth1n3  - Rufflet (NN: Sioux), Tynamo (NN: Sarah)

(EGG) Dr.Leggs - Male Adamant/Brave Shed Skin Scraggy , Male Adamant/Brave/Sassy/Careful Roggenrola with EM: Curse, Male Mild Larvesta with EM: Morning Sun, Male Impish Karrablast, Female Naughty Vanillite with EM: Ice Shard

Last update: Feb 3, 2011 (0.30AM GMT+7)
maskie, judas
26th-Oct-2010 12:48 pm - SEMI-FRIEND JOURNAL!! XD
Just wanting to say . . . unless you're in my f-list, you'll only see Rival's general update and translations from now on (because I don't see the point why those have to be friend-locked when you can just search a bit and find the thing already . . . >.>"). Anything else (other magazine's RAW, rants, memes, fanarts, etc.) will now be friend-locked because I don't want you guys to know about me being a mad fangirl  . . . (very mad. Ask people in my f-list how mad a fangirl I am . . . :3 ) and read all my squees and screams. XD

Plus, something like P3 manga RAW needs privacy, since they are reserved RAW for a certain scanlation group. I am not going to post it in public, let it runs free in the internet and finally got out of my hand and got claimed by other people or used for scanlation by other groups who are not supposed to be able to use it. Only the people who I don't think will do that will be the one I'll hand those RAW to . . . :3

A thing though is . . . I won't add anyone as friends. You add me, and I'll see if I am OK with that or not. Of course, though, I won't accept anyone as friend if I don't know them, so if you never say anything to me, and I don't know who the heck are you, don't expect anything to happen, but . . . again, I'm not usually active in communities (even though if some entries in some communities did grab my attention, then I'll post in that entry and that's all . . . I'll only post when I have some update for the communities on anything related to the manga of the respective game series and probably wouldn't post much in it other than that except something grabs my attention :p )
maskie, judas
28th-Feb-2010 11:33 pm(no subject)
Let's make it this way then...

FOR RIVAL MANGA, I'm going to run through the issue chronologically and work on any of the four mangas that I'm currently translating in each issue, one by one, rather than just putting BD up on the highest priority in Rival and let all the rest fall behind. To make it clearer, what I mean is, I don't care if RP going to scan BD every month. BD is going to be the last in the list for now until all the other series I'm working on catch up with it. I don't remember which issue is it, but I believe the one that's the most behind for now is FLAGS and BK, yes? That'll mean, I'm going to translate FLAGS ch.7 and BK ch.14 first (actually already started on ch.7 of FLAGS, so I might as well finish that first before going to BK). I don't remember which issue is God Eater ch.2 in, but if it's in the same issue as those two, God Eater will probably be the second on the list, before BK because I already started on that as well.

Also...not to mention, I'm starting to think that the manga with least stable in term of scanlation groups for Rival is probably BD, since it's getting confusing of who is doing it now. It's just...so messed up...too messed up that I don't think it deserves its priority since no one is going to scanlate it seriously anyway. I'll just end up wasting my time getting it up on high priority when other mangas are way more stable in release than it, even though the raws for BD come every month...:S
maskie, judas
19th-Feb-2010 10:17 am(no subject)

Alright, now I'm seriously lost...what to do next? After I finished TotA 22, these are those that I have left right now...-_-"

Manga that I already got half done:
1. Blazer Drive 23 [ENG]
2. FLAGS 7 [ENG]
3. God Eater 2 [ENG]
4. Persona 3 22 [ENG]
5. Persona 4 8 [ENG]
6. Pandora Hearts 46 [TH]
7. Basara 3 1 [ENG]

I'm actually lost at what I should do first. Basara 3? Maybe one of the Personas? Blazer Drive? FLAGS? God Eater? Or just get Pandora Hearts done so I only have to worry about the English translations till 07-Ghost comes?...Guess no, since I'll leave PH and make it a break for me when I got bored of t/ling English... ._."

...Alright, let's make it this way then...

1. One of the Personas (since I already felt a bit bad for not getting at least one of it done for Scarlet... ._.")
2. Basara 3 (since it's the one with the raw)
3. Blazer Drive (same)
4. FLAGS (just to get it done and over with)
5. God Eater

Then maybe EXE or Buster Keel after this...since I want to clear it up first taken that the list already confused me... .__."

List will change when CB comes, since my one and only weekly gets the highest priority for the translation...though it won't take that long though. Just give me 2-3 hours...:p

After that (though I doubt it will be so soon... ._."), might do another chapter of TotA or ToV, depending on whether Miken gets chapter 22 scanlated first, or Rena gets chapter 11 scanlated first...or maybe another Persona...:3

maskie, judas
31st-Jan-2010 09:48 am - DOWN WITH 07-GHOST!
LOL! I knew it! People use allforchocolate's translation without any proofreading and tbh, the translation is just completely messed up. Good job, scanlator...half blame those people over at anonsock for being so careless as well though. They should've put "Don't use it for scanlation yet" if they want to throw a rough translation in first, or else this is what the end process is like.

Let's see if I bold all the line that need serious changes in term of accuracy, and by serious, I do mean that the meaning is REALLY off. I'm going to be extremely generous here, and let my stupid English brain slide, which means, yes, I won't point out all the sentence with accuracy problems. If I think it's nothing major and the meaning is still reserved, then I won't tell you to change. The proofreader can go do something about the English themselves. I hate how they think I'm doing it as if it's my job, since I didn't. I t/c people without them asking when I feel the need to give them some bashing. I hate pointless "HAHAHA! Your t/l just sucks!" or anything like that after all. (though tbh, I think unok's t/l is even better than this... .__.") My paranoia said I have to at least point out to them what I mean by your translation sucks (and if possible, expect them not to get it wrong again...though it's impossible to say...especially when you got kicked right back by the translator...not like I don't know that there are translators who hate seeing where they need corrections though...though I always wish people will give me more of that...-_-")

I'm being generous here. These lines at least should be fixed...Collapse )

Translating extremely fast and get many mistakes shouldn't be an excuse for a monthly manga, especially with the monthly that doesn't have any competition AT ALL. I'm not going to say that my own translations are good or anything, but at least...proofread over it once. Things like typos can be fixed really easily through proofreading it over again yourself. I'll not exactly tell you to become godly at translating and stop depending on your proofreaders to clean things up for you (since I'm not one myself...no one is), but if you know that your translation isn't in full-shaped yet, don't let it be used for scanlation. At least look through it once or twice, then you can say you're already at your fullest with that translation. :S

PS. Should I feel offensed when people tell me that the translation of some guy who is even worse at counting than me sounds more English than my ones? Guess not, since my English really is SUCKY, SUCKIER AND SUCKIEST! :p
maskie, judas
16th-Jan-2010 09:39 pm(no subject)
I failed...T_T

I looked at my translation list, and trying to see what I can do to lessen my work, and...

Not Reserved:
2. FLAGS -> I'll put up with it till the end. I even might go ahead and translate the last two chapters after I'm done with what I'm planning to get done right now, just to get it off my ongoing list...I don't like having the list as being too long... .__."
3. Buster Keel! -> No dropping...and no plan in dropping...-_-"
4. God Eater ~The Return of the Messiah~ -> No dropping...
5. Code:Breaker -> Hell no...-_-"
6. EXEcutional -> I can...actually. I don't mind it if other Thai translators will get on, since well, from what I saw, there are more people who want to see that scanlated than I think...and they all seem to be willing to help as well... .__."
7. Sengoku Basara 3 -> NO!! BASARA!!! >D

Reserved: << I'm not dropping any of these unless the scanlators said they're not doing this anymore...so to say, are you going to continue with ToH or not, Rena? Though...I was thinking...which is closer to the end, ToE or ToD2? .___." Guess ToE is? Not like it matters that much, since both of them, I just release it at my pace anyway... .__."

1. Fairy Tail <- Am thinking...yep, seriously. -_-"
2. 07-Ghost <- No. English scanlation sucks. Thai version of the manga sucks. No way I'm going to drop this. :S

And I got a whole bunch of other mangas I want to translate! DDX Like Pandora Hearts (TH), Hi no Kagutsuchi (ENG), Ao no Exorcist (TH), etc (the list can go on and on...endless...-_-")
Repede, grrr!
16th-Aug-2009 10:33 am(no subject)
Once again a long BD rant...Collapse )
...as for CB...


*depressed*...I'm not hyped to do it right now, since I have to concentrate on my Biochem exam...can I do it tomorrow or Tuesday instead? >___<"

maskie, judas
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